Creating compelling brand stories

The world’s most iconic brands are built on solid, foundational stories. We believe successful brands all tell stories with these things in common:

  • Your story must be unique in the marketplace.
  • Your story must be relevant to your customers.
  • Your story must be authentic and true.
  • Your story must be consistent to become well known.

Our brand development experts help build brand stories that are unique, relevant, and authentic. Then, we help brands tell their story in a consistent manner that builds recognition and value. Our process delivers results and we invite you to contact us and learn more about how we can help you.

Brand Building Process:

  • Creating foundational brand stories
  • Creating names and tag-lines
  • Creating identities and logos
  • Defining your brand’s personality
  • Defining your selling proposition
  • Identifying customer personas and buying behaviors
  • Developing Visual Brand Languages
  • Creating guidance for brand touchpoints

Case Study:
Gait Lacrosse

GAIT Lacrosse was losing market share and wanted to rebuild their brand image. We researched their customers and found they wanted to feel heroic when they used their equipment. Using archetypal story telling techniques, we created a foundational brand story for GAIT, cast in the image of a hero who inspires courage on the battlefield. Next, we created a brand guide book which detailed how to translate the story to all of their touch points including; marketing communications, product design, and brand experiences. The revitalized brand has steadily been winning converts, and GAIT is now on a path to market place victory. Learn More.