Made In Ohio

Having all these capabilities under one roof is difficult to come by in our industry. Most design and engineering firms don’t have an innovative shop. We discovered over the years that having a shop just down the hall is beneficial when developing products that haven’t been invented yet. We keep up with the latest and greatest technologies and invest in becoming experts ahead of the trends.

Most shops are category specific, and most of the time can’t CNC parts AND do other things. We can CNC parts AND build appearance models, or create silicone tools, or sew soft goods. What’s even more awesome is we can also develop the engineering and design that goes along with your new product(s). From start to finish, our shop can do it all.

3D Printing

The hype is real. We’ve been hearing this topic debated in the news everywhere. The reality is, we’ve been printing prototypes for over 10 years, and have come close to perfecting it. Our Objet machine(s) have proven over time to be the most accurate and efficient additive rapid prototyping machine in the industry - with less evasive post-process clean up than other rapid prototyping procedures. We’re so accurate our tolerances aren’t measured in thousandths of an inch, but rather microns. 16 to be exact! We have also expanded outside the toolbox and built close relationships with SLA, SLS, and FDM industry providers. Hit Print.

CNC Machining

Need real parts in real materials? You may be able to get parts in 1-3 days elsewhere. But can you modify them on the fly? We have a plethora of brand new HAAS CNC machines to prototype precision parts out of metals, plastics, and foams that simulate production materials. Our machinists and self-taught CNC hobbyists have combined knowledge to machine complex geometry clients require. In a pinch, we machine traditional and non-traditional fixturing as well as creative tooling to keep up with our clients innovative products and ideas. Our CNC labs have large capacity multi-axis routers, a CNC lathe and state of the art mini mills to accommodate various sized parts you may need. Measure twice, cut (steel) once!

Urethane Castings

Need multiples? We can cast as many parts as you want, in any color you want. Whether you need a specific color-matched soft durometer over-mold, or parts cast in a water clear rigid material, we have the means of doing either. Or even both! Our casting lab is equipped with the latest and greatest materials and proprietary equipment that you won’t find anywhere else.

Soft Tooling

Injection-like molding on a softer budget. We create low volume production runs with the use of RTV silicone tools. We’ve even explored with printed tools and also machined aluminum depending on the application. Single pour molds, insert molds, rotational molds, two-part molds, pick-out molds, etc. we do it all. We design accurate tools for accurate repeatability.

Laser Cutting

A freaking laser. We have a 60-watt 2-axis laser cutter that can pierce *up to 0.750” [¾” or 19.05mm] thick sheet material. We program 2Dimensional data in a vector format and cut plastic, wood, leather, vinyl, or even cheese! We’ll try anything once. We’ve utilized this technology to create touch-pads, dimensional graphics, displays and labels, or anything that can fit on a 24”x18” platform.

Vacuum Forming

We put the form in forming. Whatever shapes you may need we have a selection of thermoformers here to create thin-wall or sheet-type prototypes. Some materials may include Styrene, ABS, Polycarbonate, and *up to 0.500” [½” or 12.70mm] thick depending on the depth of the draw. We also make our own tools/bucks in various materials to accommodate intricate geometries and patterns.

Soft Goods

You’re the needle of my eye. We’ve noticed not all prototypes are comprised of jeweled machined parts, high-gloss injection molded plastic, or even electronics - though, we’re definitely capable of doing all of these great things. But lately we’ve noticed textiles are being incorporated more and more into consumer and medical industries. Sew, we’re trying to keep up. We’re equipped with a handful of sewing machines and an elaborate library of textiles for any soft goods application.

Metal Fabrication

We’re not metallurgists. But we’re tinkering in the ferrous category on the Periodic Table. Not only Steel, 300-series Stainless Steel, or Aluminum, but we’ve also explored with super materials such as Nickel-Titanium, or “Nitinol”. We can form, perforate, laser-cut, stamp, and weld all under one tin roof.


We make the color wheel go round. We color match urethanes, water-base, base-coats with or without a candy coating. We can even mimic production finishes with clears, tints, soft-touch and simulated textures. Need it to be shiny? We can also chrome-plate a selection of materials, either using a hard-nickel plating process or vacuum metalizing service provider. It’s the icing on the cake.


With a cherry on top. We’re proud of our work and value the work of our clients. As the final stage of the process, putting your graphics on a finished prototype couldn’t be more rewarding. We utilize any or all of our capabilities to create attentive logos, brand identities, labels, badges, or packaging to simulate products that are ready for market. Put your name on it.

Machinery Specs

3D Printers
Objet Eden 500V - 19.7” x 15.7” x 7.9”

Vertical Mills
Haas CNC TM2 - 30” x 12” x 16”
Haas CNC OM2 - 12” x 10” x 12”
Haas CNC OM2 - 12" x 10" x 12"
Haas CNC GR510 - 60" x 120" x 11"
Chevalier CNC - 40” x 24” x 12”
Thermwood 5-Axis CNC Router - 48” x 48” x 30”
Chevalier Manual Mill - 36” x 24” x 16”

Horizontal Lathes
Haas CNC TL1 - 10”Ø x 36”L
Hardenge Manual Lathe - 6”Ø x 36”L

Vacuum Formers
Plasti-Vac - 36” x 70” x 8”
Formech 660 - 24” x 24” x 12”
Formech 450 - 16” x 16” x 12”

Laser Cutters
Universal Laser Systems - 24” x 18” x 2”

Material Specs

Aluminum - 6061, 7075
Stainless Steel - 303/304/316
Steel - 4140

HDPE [High Density Polyethylene]
PC [PolyCarbonate]
PP [PolyPropylene]
PS [PolyStyrene]
UHMW [Ultra High Molecular Weight]

Urethane Foam Board [Low/Medium/High Density]
REN Tooling and Styling Board