Identifying Market Opportunities

Some companies come to us and they know exactly what they want their product or brand to be. Other times, companies want help defining what they should be making and how it should be positioned.

In these instances, we help them study customers, analyze markets and find new opportunities to differentiate themselves with relevant products and brand stories.

Design Strategy Techniques:

  • Market gap analysis
  • Style mapping
  • Trend analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Market research
  • Brand development
  • Product positioning

Case Study:
American Standard Plumbing

American Standard is constantly developing new products for retail sale and we help them find new opportunities for innovation.

Over the years, we’ve developed a variety of metrics to help them measure their markets. We study consumer trends and market forces, research customer wants and needs, study style trends, benchmark competitors and identify market gaps. Then we compile the data, add our own insights gained from our experiences in a wide range of markets, and look for patterns that signal opportunities. Once this groundwork is completed, our team then creates dynamic visual matrices that help communicate the recommendations to stakeholders.


For over twenty years, American Standards has relied on us to help keep them relevant in the marketplace and create products consumers love and we’ve delivered time after time.

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