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SmartMix Digital Mixing Bowl


3-in-1: Practical Design for the Kitchen
Three different kitchenware products in one; the SmartMix is the functional marriage of a digital scale, measuring cup and mixing bowl into one simple, intuitive tool. This combination allows users to measure ingredients, both by volume and by weight, while inserting them directly into a recipe.

Mix it up
With an integrated digital scale placed on the bottom, the SmartMix can convert the weight of the most common ingredients (water, oil, milk, flour, sugar) into volume measurements. On the top of the product, a digital readout displays the live measurement, confirming everything is just right. Simple controls allow the user to navigate through pre-set ingredients, convert between the most common units, and add ingredients with accuracy. If desired, the user also has the freedom to change their unit of measurement at anytime during the process. With this technology infused in a mixing bowl, ingredients can skip the middle man and be added directly into a recipe. This helps reduces evasive kitchen clutter and cleaning time.

Clean it up
For quick and simple cleanup, detach the mixing bowl and place in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning. SmartMix does the work of several kitchen tools with fewer distractions, greater efficiency, and less clean up.