Arc Second Vulcan 3D Spatial Measurement System

CLIENT: Arc Second

INDUSTRY: Commercial

SERVICES: Design, Engineering, Prototyping


Converting a Hand Drill to a Spatial Measurement Tool
Arc Second approached Priority Designs and asked for industrial design services to convert a crude hand drill, populated with Arc Second technology, into a tool that aesthetically resembles the latest Sci-fi movie. Utilizing a revolutionary new technology, the goal was to create the ultimate digitizing system for measuring three-dimensional space in 13 weeks.

Parts Are Not “Just Parts”
After preliminary research, our team discovered the primary end users would be FBI agents, ship builders, special effects artists and construction workers. Though diverse in many ways, these end users still had one very important factor in common, the need and ability to correctly measure three-dimensional space. Brainstorm sketches led to rough mockups that our design team took to The Ohio State University’s Ergonomic Research Department. These models proved invaluable to understanding weight distribution, grip and the proper ergonomics necessary to operate the tool for hours at a time while hanging off the side of a ship in the ocean or documenting a crime scene.

The project then transferred into the hands of our Engineering team. Collaborative electronic modeling enabled the creation of sculptural surface data, test fitting of parts, analysis of assembly, investigation of interference and clearance between cables and fasteners. The center of gravity was tracked in order to efficiently distribute all internal components to achieve a perfect ergonomic weight balance.

Still in need of 30 fully functioning prototypes for consumer field-testing, concepts headed to our full-scale model shop. RTV rubber molds were created to cycle multiple parts from various durometers. The parts were all hand finished with specified coating to aid in a custom, professional appearance, prevent EMI and ensure a tight, production-like fit between the parts.

Measured Results
Starting with a box of components, a rough mockup, and Arc Second’s technology, in 13 weeks our team helped deliver a digitizing system consisting of two laser transmitters, power packs and an ergonomic wand receiver with onboard electronics to gather and organize digitized points.

The transmitters and the wand receiver triangulate signals to accurately capture points in 3D space. Whether it’s for an FBI agent, ship builder or construction worker, the user can move about, free from wires, and gather precise measurements with ease.

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