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INDUSTRY: Home, Electronics

SERVICES: Strategy, Design, Engineering

Lowe’s was determined to challenge their suppliers to deliver improved products at better prices. However, the environment for innovation had become static & unimaginative. Lowe’s made a strategic decision to introduce their own line of air purifying products under a new brand, Idylis. They wanted this brand to exude serenity, simplicity and carefree happiness for the home, all “idyllic” conditions for healthier living.

Purifying the Air

A new brand is a clean slate and a fresh start; it’s also a great challenge to designers because new brands must immediately resonate with consumers. Priority Designs collaborated with Lowe’s to not only deliver product design, but also establish a Visual Brand Language (VBL) that would accommodate future line extensions.

Strategic selection of purifying technologies, touch sensitive controls, internal components and user- friendly features resulted in a subtle, 2-tier strategy. A soft, passive form that blends with consumer’s décor was priced affordably. A more aggressive, “techier”, professional form with upgraded controls & capacity was given a premium price, yet still affordable. Both solutions fit well within the new Idylis VBL.

Filtering out the Competition

The rollout of the Idylis internal brand enabled Lowe’s to tap the energy of new suppliers, get the best from their current vendors and effectively filtered out the competition. The product on the shelves spoke for itself and commanded attention; these innovative, serene air purifiers were sleek, affordable and functional, exactly what savvy consumers were looking for.

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