AssetWatch Vero Sensor System

Wireless Vibration and Temperature
Sensor System

CLIENT: AssetWatch

INDUSTRY: Electronics, Commercial

SERVICES: Design, Engineering, Prototyping

AssetWatch is a continuing monitoring system deployed across critical assets to minimize lost production time and costly repairs resulting from mechanical failure. The Vero sensor system is a groundbreaking solution that has redefined asset monitoring in the industrial sector. With the development of their 2nd generation Vero system, AssetWatch wanted to redefine the visual brand language to reflect the advanced technology within. Additionally, optimizing manufacturing was a key focus of the redesign. AssetWatch partnered with Priority Designs’ expertise to reimagine the design, improve manufacturability, and lower overall costs.

A Collaborative Effort

Immersion & Concept Development: Our industrial designers and engineers immersed themselves in the technology and proposed a use case to better understand the AssetWatch value to customers. The team then quickly generated both 2D and 3D design concepts to reconfigure the internal component layouts to optimize overall size and shape.

Engineering Development: Once AssetWatch aligned on the most effective internal layouts, the design team was able to explore numerous industrial design directions. Building upon the preferred designs, detailed 3D CAD models and rapid prototypes were created for review.

Testing and Prototyping: Once a final embodiment was chosen, rigorous testing, including IP67 testing for water and dust resistance, ensured the product’s durability and functionality. Rapid prototypes were produced for fit checks, followed by cast urethane molds to create prototypes with both functional and appealing appearances. While challenging to navigate unique functional challenges, such as avoiding metal parts in key areas, the team was able to fit a considerable amount of functionality into a compact form factor, while still hitting all the technical requirements.

Engineering Refinements & Manufacturing Support: After individual part files received final production details, a comprehensive 2D production drawing package was prepared to support the manufacturing bid process. Close collaboration with selected suppliers ensured a smooth transition from design to production, with adjustments made as required.

Solution: A New Era of Asset Monitoring

With its sleek design, advanced technology, and transformative data analysis, the final product solution provides users an expert Condition Monitoring Engineer that oversees asset health and provides detailed, tailored action plans and prioritizes asset alerts. By rapidly identifying and prioritizing risks and issuing prescriptive maintenance recommendations, the system empowers users to address critical issues promptly and efficiently.

The video above was created by AssetWatch.


Teaming up with Priority Designs, AssetWatch sought to enhance their product’s appearance, manufacturability, and cost-effectiveness. The result was a product that not only met these goals but also transformed the way businesses approach asset management.

  • Cost Reduction and Profit Increase: The streamlined design and improved manufacturability have significantly reduced production costs, directly impacting the company’s profitability.
  • Market Attraction: The revamped appearance of the product has attracted new investors and clients, repositioning AssetWatch as a pioneer in the industry.
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