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Priority Designs launched PD Worx as an outlet for designing, marketing and manufacturing our own innovative products. One of the first products we brought to market were dsolv bags. dsolv™ lawn bags replace traditional paper bags and are made of a compost-able mesh. The lightweight bags are sold in a Starter Kit with a spring-loaded sleeve that holds them open, a carrying handle, and 8 dsolv™ bags. Additional bags are sold in sets of 8. For dsolv™ we created a complete brand development program which included design of; corporate logo, business cards, retail packaging, product graphics and info tags, retail store displays, website, social media sites, print collateral, trade show exhibits, promotional videos.

Said Paul Kolada, principal and owner of Priority Designs, “People are so frustrated with paper bags, and they’re looking for ways to live greener. Our research led us to design a 100% compost-able, mesh bag. It’s easier to use than the old paper bags, and just as affordable.” Ease-of-use is a major feature of the dsolv™ bag. With the lightweight mesh propped open by a spring-loaded sleeve, its circular opening is 33% larger than that of a paper lawn bag.

The dsolv™ bag is more stable, too, because it won’t collapse back into its folded state, as paper bags do. Once filled, the dsolv™ bag is easy to dispose of. The user simply pulls out the sleeve, ties the top of the bag, and uses the ergonomic dsolv™ handle to carry up to 3 bags at once. The bag’s rip-stop mesh is durable enough to be dragged along a driveway or lawn. It’s a system that’s easy for a single person to use – even kids and seniors.

The dsolv™ mesh lawn bag is made of a plant-based resin and completely dissolves in composting facilities according to the industry standard ASTM-D6400. It carries the 100% compostable certification issued by the US Composting Council and the Biodegradable Products Institute. Many municipalities are now requiring residents to use only BPI/USCC certified bags for their lawn waste.

Waste collectors are also expressing excitement about the time- and labor-saving features of dsolv™ bags. The mesh allows collectors to view the contents and verify that there are no inappropriate items inside. dsolv™ bags are clearly labeled, so they can be correctly sorted and sent to composting facilities. Plus, the ventilated design spares collectors from having to hoist smelly, disintegrating paper bags

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