Elevated Aesthetics, Functional Usability

CLIENT: Rockwell

INDUSTRY: Electronics

SERVICES: Design, Engineering, Prototyping,

For Rockwell’s new products within the PanelView family, Priority Designs was enlisted to help with hardware and the user interface. From a hardware perspective, we were tasked to design a new cast aluminum bezel to migrate from their current plastic housing in hopes of reflecting  a more premium appearance for a higher end line.

In the PanelView line of products, some panels function as a touch only interface while others utilize a full-functioning keypad. Our challenge was to modernize the current look and feel of the integrated keypad while optimizing user efficiency onto the keypad and into the current workflow of the panel.

A Consistent, Efficient Interface

One of the biggest updates to the system as a whole was the UI. Rockwell sought to update their Factory Talk software and create a more defined library of icons that any factory could utilize for generating a simulation of the real world factory floor. This library would be accessed through the PanelView as a means for users to monitor, access and report on processes in the factory.

Priority Designs worked with Rockwell to standardize the look and feel of the PanelView UI.  A new addition is the inclusion of an uber/home button that users could push to have direct access to menu items that previously were more than a few button presses away. This shortcut was implemented to help streamline user scenarios and productivity.

Our team helped generate an extensive library that consisted of icons to represent various machinery and items that you would find in a factory setting. In all, Priority Designs generated over a thousand icons for Rockwell’s library.

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