Ergonomic and Lightweight Medical Devices

CLIENT: Minimally Invasive Devices


SERVICES: Design, Engineering, Prototyping

During surgery, the lens of a laparoscope may accumulate fog or come in contact with debris, obstructing a clear view of the procedure. This forces the laparoscope to be removed for cleaning, interrupting the flow of the procedure and distracting the OR team. Minimally Invasive Devices asked us to help them optimize the ergonomics, usability and design of FloShield, which maintains laparoscopic clarity. It is the first device to utilize CO2 that already exists on the surgical field to direct an air curtain over the end of the lens to form a protective boundary. It also uses a button-activated flush mechanism that utilizes pressurized saline from the irrigation bag to wash debris off the end of the lens if needed.

After observing surgical procedures in a lab environment, we supported our physician client and his engineering team with a compact form factor that maximizes freedom of laparoscope movement. This ergonomic design includes a remote handgrip to reduce the risk of collision with other surgical instruments. Floshield benefits from the least possible use of material to minimize weight and to maintain hand comfort during prolonged use. In this way, a procedure does not need to be interrupted, and there is a greater and more continuous clarity during an operation.

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