What is Cold?

CLIENT: Nestlé

INDUSTRY: Commercial, Electronics

SERVICES: Strategy, Design, Prototyping

A worldwide increase in healthy, cold drink consumption offered Nestlé the opportunity to introduce a cold beverage dispenser. An easy to use and low cost machine would support emerging markets while also demonstrating qualities of premium, clean and fresh to European and North American markets. Capturing the essence of “cold” was key in gaining worldwide enthusiasm and trust.

Simply Better Options

Nestlé’s COOLPRO operates in full-serve and self-serve environments where speed, consistency, cleanliness and ease of use are essential. The intuitive interface allows users to select their beverage choice and portion size. For the operators, branding panels can easily be swapped to accommodate local drink preferences.

Inspired by Nature

The COOLPRO design features an icy blue path flowing down the front face, with crisp edges defining the form, and emphasizing the function. As its path ends in the chiseled dispenser area, glacial colors, contours and textures further embody the spirit of “cold.”

On top of its unique form, The COOLPRO is designed to be compact in volume with maximum output of drinks. The legs can be removed to reduce its height and the front tray detaches to allow filling of tall vessels. Beverage choices are easily loaded, quickly connected and ready to serve.

Not Just Skin Deep

Priority Designs created various animations to help explain the benefits and function of the COOLPRO. The dynamic animations illustrated the messaging, branding, design, features and technical details, which were essential in decision making and problem solving.

No Comparison

The COOLPRO is Nestlé’s first cold beverage dispenser fully designed from the ground up. The results of our development efforts are easy to see. Nestlé has placed over 3,000 COOLPRO machines throughout Asia, and plans to introduce the machine to Europe and North America.

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