Townfield Suite of Plumbing Fixtures

CLIENT: American Standard Suites

INDUSTRY:  Home, Commercial

SERVICES:  Design, Engineering, Prototyping

Typically, American Standard sells bathroom fixtures and faucets. With the Townsquare collection, they expanded their offerings into accent shelving, lighting and more. They wanted to distinguish this suite from the many feminine-looking choices on the market and asked us to create a set of signature styling elements that would transcend the different products and tie the offerings together.

For our inspiration we drew from classic wooden trim shapes common in American colonial architectural. By tapping into a masculine aesthetic familiar to Americans, the pieces convey a sense of solidity and reliability. Our design approach inspired consumers to add additional items to their remodeling plans and helped capture more sales per customer for American Standard.

Reminiscence Suite of Plumbing Fixtures

Because women are often the decision makers in home décor purchases, American Standard asked us to create a plumbing suite with them in mind. Through our research we have learned that women view the bathtub as a source of relaxation and escape. Based on this insight we created a traditional claw foot tub and then modernized its functionality with integrated armrests and an ergonomic backrest. To enhance its emotional appeal, we drew from Victorian influences, added a subtle reference to grandma’s homemade pie crust, and combined them to create a unique, yet familiar, look that reminds people of a simpler, more carefree time.

Enfield Suite of Plumbing Fixtures

American Standard asked us to develop a new high-end bath suite. We blended the aesthetics of traditional American wood furniture with the functionality of modern plumbing fixtures, into a new combination not seen before. The wood is available in several finishes and the insert panels are replaceable with metal grates.

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