TaylorMade Golf Irons

TaylorMade Golf Irons

CLIENT: TaylorMade


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During our relationship with TaylorMade golf, we helped create dozens of their products including many of their  top selling iron sets. Unwilling to follow the competition, TaylorMade wanted to develop a signature look that would set them apart. They enlisted our help to shape their iron set aesthetics and make them more appealing to professional golfers.

300 Series

With irons, the core golfer cares about three things: a classic look, ball control, and a soft feel. Each model has the highest-quality materials and processing combined with vibration-damping inserts that are proprietary to TaylorMade. Both of these help optimize each club’s weighting, moving the CG throughout the 300, 320, and 360 lower and more back respectively, to improve trajectory needs. Engineered for maximum power with an oversize cavity-back design with clean, appealing lines,  this delivers high MOI, provides better CG location and a more efficient transfer of energy to the ball, the RAC (Relative Amplitude Coefficient) pockets channel impact vibration to specific locations within the clubhead for an outstanding feel at impact.


The five key design elements contribute to the CGB’s high level of performance – a thinner but stronger construction, hollow top-line (to produce a lower center of gravity), tungsten rods (to promote power behind the clubhead), RAC technology (for better feel) and more responsive steel and graphite shafts. On the face of it, the head is chunky but more rounded than the thick, square tops of some premium priced clubs. This encourages the head to sit neatly behind the ball, screaming for a solid strike. 

R7 S

Engineered for players seeking an iron that is easier to launch high and straight, but still caters to those requiring excellent workability. Designed with an Inverted Cone Technology for a higher COR, TaylorMade r7 irons offer an increased ball speed across a greater distance. They have an exceptionally deep cavity design that creates a low & deep CG, thereby making it easier to launch the ball higher for an optimum combination of both distance and control. They also boast Draw-Weighted Technology that helps square the club face at impact to promote a draw by transferring weight from the cavity area at the toe, moving the CG back, and closer to the heel.

R7 CGB Max

The large head is stabilized with the help of visible tungsten weights that increase MOI for greater forgiveness. Clubhead speed is dramatically boosted by the incorporation of SuperFast Technology, which includes the ultra-light shaft, and the thin flexible clubface (thinner than the previous r7 CGB MAX model). The Inverted Cone Technology is visible on the back of the face to promote high ball speed on off-center hits. The back-cavity badge that contributes to the clubhead’s feel. When you add up all of the features and technologies you get the longest iron in the TaylorMade line, not to mention the most forgiving.


Every performance element, from the shaft to the CG position is aligned to hit the ball far; the XD stands for extra distance. If swing speed is equal in a test situation, these irons will hit it farther than most any iron on the market.

Burner XD

Incorporates the distance-enhancing technologies that have made the Burner driver such a huge success among tour professionals and amateur golfers. Thin and flexible titanium face promotes increased ball speed. SuperFast Technology for faster swing speed and more distance. Inverted Cone Technology promotes faster ball speed and more distance on mis-hits. Extra-large (oversized) and stable clubhead is extremely forgiving and easy to hit.

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