Laundry Room Drama


INDUSTRY: Home, Electronics

SERVICES: Design, Engineering, Prototyping

Acknowledging that laundry room appliances didn’t have to disappear into the background anymore, GE went looking for a dramatic way to introduce their new SmartDispense (automated detergent loading feature) and Steam Refresh technologies. In a highly competitive frontload laundry market, GE was ready to be bold, but they knew it had to be for the right reasons.

Standing Out From the Crowd

The world of frontload washers and dryers was a crowded space, but most had a common theme, round doors. The GE Profile product design was different, advanced and more capable, it needed to make a statement. The design of the “soft triangle” door enhances the breadth of the door while beautiful metal finishes communicate the quality, precision and refinement of the system. An intuitive user interface was designed to quickly communicate the flexibility and range of useful settings at retail.

Full-scale prototypes were fabricated to test the “soft triangle” aesthetic and the user interface with consumers. Key insights were implemented into the User Interface and the aesthetic resonated with consumers. The door implied increased capacity and easy access, while the materials and finishes reinforced build quality excellence and sophistication.

Bold Brand Connections

Through this unique design, GE signaled bold action to the marketplace and reconnected the Profile brand with its coveted high-end consumers. GE also leveraged the project to help drive user interaction advances throughout its development organization.

No longer part of the background, it’s bold, beautiful and technologically advanced. The GE Profile Washer and Dryer stands proudly in the homes of those who value quality and sophistication.

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