Brands Win on Experience

CX (customer experience) is the customer’s perspective across every interaction with your company. As customers’ expectations continue to rise, what once was “nice to have” is becoming make or break. According to a study by Qualtrics, 89% of companies that lead with customer experience perform financially better than their competitors. A good customer experience aligns the interaction a user has with the product itself to other aspects of the experience, ensuring that it is delivering on brand promises.

Developing stand-out customer experiences require intentionality and a holistic view. It’s important to step back and look at the big picture; crossing departments, teams, and channels to see the full experience through the eyes of the customer. The team at Priority Designs can help audit, ideate and develop strategies that will leave customers with experiences that meet, and even exceed expectations.

Upleveling the Experience

It’s important to start with the essentials, and continue to “level up” the experience over time. At Priority Designs, we think of CX as three levels that build on each other:

  • level 1, the foundation, is all about providing value to the target audience with what’s called a product-market fit
  • level 2 is about finding and removing friction to make the experience easy and seamless
  • level 3 involves infusing experiences with brand moments that wow, surprise, and delight

Product-Market Fit

A product-market fit is defined as having a product that meets a need and delivers value to an audience. We help clients conduct a product-market fit evaluation by working together to create a hypothesis about who the target audience is and what value the product provides. Then, we conduct research to uncover insights that help inform any necessary adjustments.

Achieving a product-market fit may include testing products with new groups of consumers, or making tweaks to the product offering to better meet the needs of the market. Ultimately, this process will provide clarity, shared vision, and deeper understanding of the customers you’re designing experiences for.