IDSA 3D Printed Car Challenge

August 24, 2013 Admin Admin

IDSA 3D Printed Car Challenge

Priority Designs wins “Best Design” and “Best Crash.”

At the 2013 Industrial Design Society of America International Conference, Inventables (a 3D printing company) hosted Launch Day. This was a design contest where designers from all over the world were invited to design a 3D printed pinewood derby style car that used pinewood derby wheels, a ball bearing, and could be launched off of a ski jump-style track. Entries were judged on three criteria: best flight (farthest distance), best crash, and best design. Over 100 designers from all over the world submitted cars. Contest organizers narrowed it down to ten cars and then the contest began!

Priority Designs’ entry had a Donkey Kong theme. It featured a Mario character who rescues a princess from jail by “breaking open the cage”. The entry won 2 of the 3 awards available; “Best Design” and “Best Crash.”

The race is featured in this video.

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