Designing Usable Products for Digital and Physical Interactions

Our UX + UI team creates holistic, user-centered design solutions that integrate physical and digital interactions. Our lean approach fuses human factors researchers, strategists, interface designers, software engineers, and UX prototypers to transform your requirements into usable, beautiful, and delightful solutions. By pulling from our diverse experience in the medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer markets, our team can quickly ramp-up to augment your team and help you meet usability, conversion, and/or business goals. No matter your priority, we’ll make it ours.

Human-Centered Research Services

Whether your goal is understanding the usability of your existing interface, or generating an entirely new experience, our research team delivers the actionable insights to empower our designers to make user-driven and informed decisions. Our team of Human Factors researchers ensure our design starts with a foundation that is usable, useful and desirable

User Experience (UX) Design Services

To the user, a product is not just comprised of its features, aesthetics, and materials; a product is the sum of their experiences, both physical and digital. Our UX design team focuses on building usable and cohesive experiences for your stakeholders by empathizing to understand their individual experiences and needs. By prototyping early and often, our team quickly aligns with your user and business needs to develop rewarding and effortless experiences.

User Interface (UI) Design Services

Our user interface designers push creative and technical boundaries to enhance a digital interface’s overall functionality, usability, and appeal. With a wide range of experience, from designing membrane switch layouts for embedded systems, to complete IOT connected web applications, our design team aims for the most usable and beautiful brand appropriate solutions.

Software Development Services

Our UX and software engineers work as part of the user experience team to help guide and ensure the intent is carried through to production. They create UX prototypes to answer questions of usability, technical constraints, and feature usefulness. Once those questions are answered and the design is in place, our embedded software development team will work with you to create a plan to get your product to release, and how to best support you after the initial release.

UI Sound Design

Our in-house sound design team has a passion for developing meaningful and beautiful UI sounds. From our experience designing innovative sounds for robotic system interfaces, medical devices, appliances and more, we understand the need to listen before we create. By listening, we can empathize with users and their sonic environments. By listening, we can benchmark and test sounds against usability heuristics. And by listening, we can find the opportunities to develop impactful sound that elevates experience.
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Working with Partners Big and Small

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Automotive Interfaces

Interface development in the automotive industry presents a unique set of challenges. Consumers demand higher entertainment and convenience, mimicking mobile and gaming interfaces, but each decision must be made with driver safety at the forefront. OEMs today find a competitive edge within experience offered by:

  • larger/multiple screens
  • accessible controls
  • heads up displays
  • augmented reality
  • voice interfaces and assistants
  • autonomous driving technologies
  • machine learning and personalized settings

We’ve had the benefit of exploring all of these technologies with our automotive partners to turn concept cockpits into real, usable solutions.

Connected Products

With the ever-growing world of the Internet of Things, our user experience teams, alongside our electrical engineers, help create connected experiences. Whether it’s simple devices that collect and report data, medical devices that enable next generation infection control, or machines that help improve our everyday life, we are excited to create solutions that connect the physical and digital worlds into one unified experience.  See Case Study

Consumer Products

The demand of modern interfaces has found its way into the everyday products and we work with our clients to understand the needs and expectations of users that align with the cost and value of your product in the vast consumer market. By integrating a range of solutions from rich digital interfaces to simple one touch interactions, our user experience teams help realize engaging end-to-end experiences.

Medical Products

Medical device user experience design must comply with usability standards to ensure safety and efficacy for the patient and the caregiver. Our UX + UI team adheres to regulatory standards, ensuring your device is intuitive, easy to use, on-brand, and cognizant of FDA stage gates for User-Centered Design. Navigating these waters can be challenging, as medical devices face a level of scrutiny that other interfaces may not. Our medical device software development process incorporates guided risk assessments, formative and summative human factors evaluations.

We’re ISO 13485 certified to ensure all of our medical device work follows quality standards, allowing clients to utilize our quality system as needed. We can also partner with your systems engineering team to define and document interfaces to facilitate your 510k submission and get your product to market, faster.

Industrial Products

Leveraging our history in physical product design, our industrial design and engineering teams collaborate with our user experience teams to create solutions for the hardened work environment. Realizing solutions that consider the rough environments, extreme temperatures, and long product life, we work together to make sure all points of engagement work seamlessly to endure the needs of the user and their surroundings.    See Case Study

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