We are an employee-owned product development company helping clients from concept to market, or jumping in just where you need us.

Market-Changing Products Made Real

Taking big ideas and bringing them into the real world is where our team works best. At the end of your product development efforts, ultimately you need a product that is ready for manufacturing. We help clients get ready to launch by making products that work as well as the idea that started it all. Our goal is to set you up for success, and we love watching your products take off.

Integrated Approach, Customized for You

By having an integrated cross-functional product development team, we can help support all phases of product development. We work together from research to production handoff, which means less coordination between partners and seamless transitions. Or, we can jump into your process right where you need us. 

Varied Experience Helps Cross-Pollinate Ideas To Inspire New Innovations

It’s important to have your development team understand the industry and market you’re in. Our growing team of 80+ is a compilation of niche specialists who dive deep into their product category, ranging from protective gear to medical devices. But with a range of experienced staff, we help each other “cross-pollinate” ideas across industries to fuel product innovations and new solutions. For each project, we build a team that brings in the right knowledge and skillset to tackle the challenge.

Whatever your priority, we'll make it ours.

For over 30 years, we've built our reputation by helping others build theirs

Jodi Lee

“This project has been really good for business. It has been one of the few innovations that was just wildly successful from the beginning.”

Jodi Lee

Brand Director at Scotts Miracle-Gro