Creative Connections

We have years of experience as an industrial design firm living at the intersection of form and function. We continuously help clients with product design to connect users with their brand, products, and experiences. We’re passionate about solving problems creatively and always welcome a new challenge. Working with numerous companies in a variety of industries over the years has taught us how to leverage our collective experience from one market to propel solutions in others. Over time, we’ve found some gravitational pull to the following categories in which we excel and that clients consider our specialties:


We have decades of experience designing home décor products that express a personal sense of style, from luxury tastes to mass-market appeal. If you see an American Standard faucet or fixture, chances are good that we had a hand in the design.
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Elite athletes from the NFL, MLB, and PGA leverage gear to elevate their game. Our team has deep experience designing products that enhance athletic performance and protect the body…not just for professionals, but for anyone who loves to compete.
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From power tools and industrial electronics to safety gear, we design for popular brands because we know what people want. After all, we use these products ourselves. We’re passionate about developing tools that work well and look great.
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People interact with products through a variety of methods. We leverage our experience to integrate physical and virtual interactions that enhance a user’s experience. It’s all about highlighting intuitiveness and managing complexity.
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We understand that success in the medical industry requires balanced consideration from all stakeholders: from surgeons and the FDA, to technicians and patients. Our experience helps us to navigate complexity and focus on healthy solutions.
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Priority Designs has a sensitivity to developing all aspects of a product experience, and sound is no exception. Priority Designs’ team of sound designers can help explore and define your product’s audio experience.
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User-Centered Design

Sometimes we’re the end users of the products we design. Most of the time, we’re not. The end user is someone from a different demographic, location, age, gender, level of ability, skill set, income level, or worldview that we learn about in immersive research. As a product design company, it’s our job to balance all the elements that people have grown to love in products of the 21st century, while placing the individual and their needs at the center of our thinking. We love this challenge.

Solutions With Impact

Ultimately, experience has taught us how to cater a problem solving process to suit the specific needs of a project. We’ve learned how to synchronize our team’s industrial design creative firepower, with our client’s expertise, to target an appropriate solution. In the end, our job is to deliver creative impact that can’t be seen when a project starts, but can be felt when it’s complete.


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