Making Concepts Reality

A design is only as good as the execution, and our team of product engineers ensure designs are engineered for the real world. Our group of “Swiss army knives” includes Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Biomedical Engineers working together to bring your product from concept to production. We can provide: part and assembly CAD databases, Class A surface modeling, DFA/DFM, Finite Element Analysis, electro-mechanical system design, medical product design, and embedded system integration. We can do it all, or integrate with existing teams to offer support during the development process. Our product engineering services are included in cross functional teams to provide added depth to conceptual development and brainstorming projects, as well as unique insight into research and strategy sessions.


Our engineers work with designers to ensure a production ready design. From 3-D and 2-D documentation, cost analysis, DFA/DFM, and more, we can see your project to the end. Learn More


Looking for a new invention? Our engineers bring their diverse backgrounds to generate unique conceptual ideas. Our team has generated thousands of patents for our clients that allow them to stand out in the marketplace. Learn More


Have an idea for a product, but unsure about how it should work? Need a new or novel mechanism? Our engineers love a challenge. From sketches and crude breadboards to full kinematic analysis, let us create something new for you. Learn More


Our electrical engineers work in tandem with our mechanical and software engineers to bring your products to life. From circuit design to PCB layout, we can support and take care of any your electronic design needs. Learn More


We can help bridge the gap between the physical and digital product. Our embedded software development team will work with you and your team to develop solutions that solve technical problems as well addresses the need of the user. Learn More


Need to know how many cycles your product will last? Need to verify the strength of your materials? Our team can help with non-linear FEA, create unique testing equipment, or cycle test, to ensure you have a successful product at launch. Learn More


We have biomedical engineers, soft goods specialists, product designers, mechanical and electrical engineers, creating a complete approach to medical product design. Learn More


Need help with your product launch? Our team can help prepare your CAD files, bill of materials, identify suppliers, and work with manufacturers through the entire launch process. Learn More

Inception to Production

Each project is different, and each client has different needs. Product design engineering starts from evaluation of a concept seed to full tooling release, and our diverse group of experienced engineers can take nearly any type of challenge and make it a reality. We bring a wealth of experience from the different industries to each product category, and use it to make each project better. During project phases (Feasibility, Prototyping, Conversion to Manufacturing and Production support), our engineers focus on the end goal, bringing a successful product to market.

Solutions with Impact

Ultimately, experience has taught us how to cater a problem solving process to suit the specific needs of a project. We’ve learned how to synchronize our team’s creative firepower with our client’s expertise to target an appropriate solution. In the end, our job is to deliver creative impact that can’t be seen when a project starts, but can be felt when it’s complete.


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