How are we different? Glad you asked.

Not all design firms are the same. Most can deliver great product and brand development, but very few can deliver a development experience like we can. Here are a few of the key differences…

Divas need not apply

Big egos don’t impress us. Big ideas do. Our company was founded by people who share a passion for design––and a distaste for the politics and drama found at many design firms. Over the years we’ve grown steadily, hired carefully, and nurtured long-term relationships with both clients and employees.

When we hire, we often conduct interviews as a group because we want to make sure the chemistry is right within our group. The result: great teamwork, motivated employees, and consistently excellent work for our clients.

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Midwest roots
Global reach

Great design doesn’t require a coastal zip code. Great ideas can come from anywhere. We don’t apologize for being from the Midwest- the elbowroom, the lack of pretension, the freedom to flourish. We have a diverse staff, we’ve traveled the world and work with clients all over the globe. We deliver world-class development services and have the track record to prove it.

Speak directly to the team

Our designers don’t detach themselves by hiding behind sales reps. You won’t have administrative hoops to jump through or layers of hierarchy, you’ll deal directly with the people doing the work. We keep you involved and will work together to achieve your goals. It’s more than customer service, it’s collaboration.

Of course, if you’re more “hands off,” we’ll adjust to your style. The point is that while we want to create beautiful, functional objects that we are proud of, we’re making them for you.

It’s beyond customer service. It’s collaboration.

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