Guiding Innovation from Insights

When companies guide innovation by insights gained from user research, or the “voice of the customer”, they become more relevant to their audience and more valuable as a brand. At Priority Designs, we believe capturing market research insights from consumers is an important part of the brand & product development process and we offer this service as one of our core capabilities. As brand and product development consultants, Priority Designs’ expertise is in using qualitative ethnographic market research to help companies increase sales, create innovation space, and understand consumers. Our ethnographic research gives unbiased guidance to help focus development efforts and maximize return. This type of consumer research is one of the best ways to illuminate new opportunities for market innovation.

Here are a few of the user research options we offer:

  • Qualitative ethnographic research studies
  • Deep-dive, one-on-one field interview research
  • Small focus group research
  • Retail store and on-line, shop-along research
  • Customer intercept research
  • User experience audits
  • Proof of concept evaluation research
  • Validation testing research
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Columbus / central Ohio and national recruiting


We study people at work, at play, and at home, to uncover their hidden wants and needs. Studying people in their natural context shows a better view of the opportunities for innovation. Learn More


The best user experiences give buyers confidence in their purchase decisions. To help understand consumer buying behaviors, we interview, study shopping habits, and follow users through each step of the product experience. Learn More


It is crucial to understand what your customers know about your brand, and how they perceive you relative to your competition. Using techniques like customer intercepts, we test customer brand awareness and perceptions. Learn More


From contextual research for early design inputs, to summative usability studies supporting FDA submission, our pragmatic research approach finds the answers without breaking the budget. Learn More

Why Use Us? Actionable Insights.

Many traditional user research consulting firms may be experienced at collecting insights, but they may lack the brand and product development knowledge necessary to make action items. You get a ton of data, but are left scratching your head with what to do with it. Likewise, many industrial design firms are creative, but may be guessing at what customers really want because they lack the ability to guide design from actual user research. Our expertise is in product development, but with trained, experienced researchers on staff, we combine the best of both worlds. Our greatest strength in conducting user research is that we can create research programs that generate usable opportunities for innovation. We approach research from a design and engineering perspective, so you get results with informed, practical, real-world product development guidance. We can help you:

  • Uncover what motivates buyers
  • Illuminate new opportunities for innovation
  • Focus your development efforts on what matters most
  • Increase customer satisfaction and sales

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