Strong Fabric

From designing cut and sew textiles to welded non-wovens, we’ve worked with a wide variety of materials and manufacturing processes. To support our expertise in soft goods design, two of our staff are dedicated soft goods developers. They continue to grow our deep relationships with domestic and international vendors to help clients realize product solutions.

Our soft goods design process includes conceptualization, developing specifications, fabricating rounds of prototypes, conducting supplier and material research, and providing manufacturing support through production. This unique strength is leveraged with our expertise in other areas to efficiently integrate soft goods design with hard components.

Soft Goods Design Expertise:

  • Cut & Sew
  • Seamless Construction
  • 3D Knitting
  • Pattern Making
  • Sourcing
  • Technical Packages
  • Hard and Soft Goods Integration
  • Material Exploration


With a variety of in-house machines including thermoforming/compression molding and seamless bonding, our team fabricates soft goods prototypes and integrates with other hard good components.
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Similar to 3D printing for various plastics, 3D knit product development uses layers of connecting loops of yarn to create a textile product by controlling the fabric geometry. Learn More


Cut-and-sew prototyping is a fabric-based product created with a pattern and assembled from a variety of textiles including fabrics, foams and knits. Learn More

Wearable Device Development

Whether to protect, collect data, or enhance experiences, wearables are impacting nearly every industry with immense potential. These cross-disciplinary development efforts require a unique mix of specialties: soft textiles, hard goods, electrical components, conductive yarns and thoughtful construction. Putting the user at the center, we help clients innovate in new ways.
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