Andrew Miranda

Sr. Human Factors Specialist

Andrew’s mantra is, “don’t blame the user for their mistake, but instead examine how the system allowed the mistake to occur.” At Priority Designs, he uses this knowledge to implement human factors design principles to make products safer and more user-friendly.

Andrew has Psychology and Biology undergraduate degrees from Kansas State University and a PhD in Human Factors Psychology from Wichita State University. Previously, he worked as an Aerospace Experimental Psychologist and has worked as a human factors specialist in a variety of settings. These include aviation, military, health care, information technology, and consumer product development.

From drinking really good coffee and making waffles for his family in the morning, to grazing chips and salsa while cooking them tacos for dinner, to capping the night off with warm cookies and stargazing, Andrew is a definite foodie. He also enjoys going to parks with his son, wife, and dog, watching comedy specials, and using that material for relentlessly attempting (and occasionally succeeding) at making his wife laugh.


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