Kate O'Hara

Soft Goods/Product Designer

Kate has been surrounded by soft goods her entire life; growing up with a mom who sewed all her clothing, and a dad who owned an upholstery business. She is highly attuned to detail and loves variety so much that she’s owned multiple businesses over the past 20 years – sewing handmade books, instructing yoga, coding websites, offering adjunctive treatment for complex trauma survivors, and is a published author! She may be quiet when you first meet her but is a rebel at heart. With a superpower in empathy, her passion is cultivating sensorial experiences with a goal of people connecting more deeply with products, themselves, others, and their environments. Outside of work she sings in a 500-person choir, listens to dance music (from punk to rave music), and listening to her two daughters show her the world through their eyes.


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