Using Visuals To Inspire Customers

Like the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, visuals cross generational, cultural, and gender barriers communicating in an instance, what might take thousands of words to say. Visuals are more than just decoration. Visuals have semantic meaning and are the most powerful way to communicate your brand’s message quickly. Therefore, a well-defined Visual Brand Language is an essential part of a brand development program.

We research customers to find what motivates their purchases. We decode visual elements that represent what they care about, and then assemble shapes, forms, colors, and textures into a unique (VBL) visual brand language that embodies their desires. Next, we use the VBL to imprint products and other brand touch points with your brand’s message. Then, we design specifications so that the Visual Brand Language can be applied consistently across all your brand’s touch points.

Visual Brand Languages Establish:

  • A point of differentiation in the market
  • Relevant messaging to your customers
  • Consistency across all brand touch points
  • An authentic representation of your brand

Case Study: Lowe's Kobalt Tools VBL

What does a highly desirable tool brand look like? What do those visuals mean to consumers? How do you consistently apply the look to hundreds of products made by many different manufacturers under one brand name? These were the problems Lowe’s wanted us to solve when they asked us to help them create a Visual Brand Language for their in-house branded line of Kobalt Tools.

To answer “What should Kobalt look like?”, we studied their target market and then identified the cultural and visual references that had significance for this group. We found that for these consumers, objects with straight lines, facets and tight gaps were perceived to have precision, technology and quality. We utilized these attributes and combined them with colors, textures & other visuals that are unique to the Kobalt brand.

Consistent application is key to establishing a recognizable Visual Brand Language. Lowe’s has dozens of manufacturing vendors who make the hundreds of products in the Kobalt line. To ensure that these various vendors use their visual design details consistently, we created a detailed reference VBL guide specifying how to apply the Visual Brand Language to any Kobalt product. In addition, we helped Lowe’s design hundreds of Kobalt products.

The Result; The Kobalt Tools Visual Brand Language helped Kobalt become one of the most recognizable tool brands at retail, and Lowe’s experienced phenomenal sales growth with this brand after it’s introduction.



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