PD is Moving!

October 11, 2013 akozlowski

We Need More Space!

In the fall of 2014, Priority Designs plans to move to a larger facility. Currently under construction and located 3 miles from PD’s present location, the new site is a 49,000 sq. ft. former car dealership.

When asked the main reason for moving, Paul Kolada (Priority Designs’ owner) said, “Our prototyping business is growing at a very fast pace. The old shop was maxed out for space and there was no more room to add additional prototyping equipment or personnel. The new shop will allow us to expand our capabilities and increase work flow capabilities.” Priority Designs chose the new building because it already had a mechanic’s area and automotive painting facilities that could easily be remodeled into a prototype lab.

Our new home will also feature expanded design studios, additional conference rooms and new engineering labs. Other plans include turning the dealership into a campus of sort; replacing blacktop parking lots with patios, green space and possibly installing basketball courts and a putting green for Priority Designs’ 50-plus employees.

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