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In 2015, Priority Designs re-located into a bigger and better space to fit the needs of our growing team and increasing capabilities. This 50,000 sq. ft. former car dealership has been transformed into a state-of-the-art design firm. We reclaimed an old bowling alley to make counter-tops and conference tables, created new light fixtures by combining old ones, added windows for natural light, and so much more. This complete redesign creates an inspiring space that we’re proud to call home!

Priority Designs resides at 100 S. Hamilton Road, Columbus, OH 43213.

Complete Overhaul

The floor plan promotes open and rapid communication between all disciplines.
We’ve invested in the finest tools and created inspiring spaces to meet, work, think, or simply recharge. But it wasn’t always this way. Tired, old, and dirty, the building exterior was a bit of an eyesore and the inside. Well, let’s just say we called it an “opportunity”!

With our renovated facility at home in Whitehall, Ohio, we’ve been able to see the community flourish and welcome new businesses around us. We’re excited to be a part of helping bring this community to life and watch as it continues to grow and prosper.


Diverse Specialists All Under One Roof

An inviting space filled with natural light, flexible spaces, and lots of diverse teams. With many specialists under one roof, we’ve created one building to suite the needs of many different projects from product design, to digital knitting, to professional painting and more.

Welcome in! You’ll be greeted right at the door by one of our favorite four-legged employees – Strat!


Mixed-Team Studio

In the studio you’ll see a wide-open space with designers, engineers, and researchers all mixed together. Our “pods” are intentionally designed to help teams share ideas across disciplines, encourage impromptu conversations, and answer questions quickly. But watch out, you just might get hit with a Nerf dart if you’re not paying attention!

Soft Goods Lab

In the back of the studio you’ll see our soft goods lab complete with industrial sewing machines, a material library, tables for pattern making and prototyping, and a 3D knitting machine.



In-House Testing to Inform Design

With our more specialized spaces, we are ready to meet the needs specific to product development. While research is conducted in a variety of spaces inside and outside of our walls, we have a research lab equipped with a two-way mirror and audio/video stream. This lab allows us to be ready and available at any time to bring in participants for usability testing, interviews and more.

Sometimes it’s not just people we’re testing, its the products themselves. Our motion capture lab enables us to take high speed video to analyze and optimize products to their highest performance possible.


20,000 Sq. Ft. Where Anything is Possible

Walk inside the shop and you’ll see a playground of machines and the guys who can figure out how to make just about anything. With countless tools at their fingertips, projects quickly cross over into prototyping at every stage of the development process to test, refine and finalize the products function and aesthetics.

New Life for Old Spaces

Part of the appeal of taking over an abandoned car dealership was acquiring two full-size automotive paint booths! Both booths have down draft ventilation, lighting, temperature control and can accommodate a 1-ton pickup. These top-of-the-line facilities enable us to paint prototypes that look just like the real deal in just about any color, texture or finish you can think of.


Family Spaces

It’s not hard to get everyone over to the kitchen (especially if Paul is cooking!) We’re glad to have a space that fits the whole PD family for lunches, events, or a happy hour out on the patio.

Take A Tour

We often hear, “Wow, I can’t believe you do this many things all in one place!” Clients, friends, and the community are welcomed through our doors to see just how much goes on around here. But creating successful products is a team effort and it takes every one of us to bring unique skills to the table. This expansive space helps us do just that.

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