Iterating from Start to Finish

Countless tools are at our prototypers fingertips, allowing to projects quickly cross over into prototyping at every iteration of the development process to test, refine and finalize the products function and aesthetics. Within our our 50,000 sq. ft. studio our shop’s workspace is 20,000 sq. ft., allowing our prototypers to easily collaborate during the iterative design process with our researchers, designers, and engineers.

Our one-stop shop and supplementary prototype makers have multiple backgrounds not only in design, but also in every discipline needed for fabricating any and everything imaginable. As a result, with a precise combination of keen attention to detail and inventive fabrication techniques, we can accommodate our iterative design process to fit your needs.


A foam model is created from urethane foam board for an inexpensive early prototype. It can help evaluate size, form and ergonomics. Foam models can be left as raw materials, or finished and painted to look like the real product.


A proof-of-concept prototype is created early in the development process to test functionality and materials. These prototypes are developed quickly to progress the project, but without the finesse of detailing or finishing.


An appearance prototype is made to look just like the final product, but often doesn’t express functionally. Parts are finished, painted, assembled and graphics are applied. These prototypes are typically used to validate a design direction or can be used for presentation and photography.


Once the basic functionality has been confirmed by early models, an engineering prototype is created to refine the functional and mechanical details of the design. Therefore, concepts are created with low-cost materials to compare performance and test functionality.


With the help of in-house electrical engineers, our team can develop a fully functional electronic prototype with circuit board components, connected devices and embedded systems. From initial concept through validation testing, the final result can be taken directly into production.


A functional prototype embodies the culmination of learnings from previous prototypes. As a result, it performs and looks like the final production product, applying production materials and finishes wherever possible. This prototype is a true representation of the final functional and aesthetic design.


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