Short run production is used to create low volume multiples of the same part with near-production materials.


Short run production begins like a standard casting program by creating a master part with data that our internal team provides or creates. Master parts are 3D printed or CNC machined in-house. The finished master often has graphics or textures applied to it. Then, graphics and finishes are transferred to the silicone tools during the molding process and will ultimately be cast into the final urethane part. We use the finished master to create a silicone mold with a monolithic or two-pour process which is filled and set overnight. We cut gates or channels for the urethane to flow through once the silicone mold is set. Our shop has many types of urethane resins available with similar characteristics to production such as a fire rating of V0 or clear materials. Multiples are cast using a vacuum chamber. Depending on the number of parts needed, the project may require multiple tools created using the same process, then finished, painted and assembled.


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