Our Prototype Shop Builds NASCAR Trophy

November 15, 2010 Admin Admin

Our Prototype Shop Builds NASCAR Trophy

Carl Edwards flips over our Kobalt 500 trophy.

Our prototype shop had the privilege of contributing to NASCAR history by creating the winner’s trophy for the 2010 Kobalt Tools 500 Race held yesterday in Phoenix. We created the trophy for Lowe’s who sponsored the race and wanted a giant replica of the Kobalt hammer we designed for them. NASCAR driver Carl Edwards put the hammer down, (sorry for the pun, we couldn’t resist) won the race, did his signature back flip out the driver’s window and claimed the trophy.

Roger Bechtol, our prototyping engineer said, “One of the biggest challenges for us was that Lowe’s wanted the big hammer to be really authentic. So, after scaling up the design in our prototype shop, we actually cast the metal head in aluminum and then cast the soft touch grip in overmolded urethane, just like a real hammer. You could drive a nail with it if you wanted to.”

After winning the race Carl wowed everybody with an act of kindness for one of his biggest fans. The Zach Colick, Daily News-Sun ran a story about his act and said the following “(fan) Ann Kotowicz’s admiration and support of Carl Edwards intensified Sunday at Phoenix International Raceway when No. 99 surprised her in the winner’s circle with his winning trophy and a hammer, both autographed, after finishing first in the Kobalt Tools 500”.

The celebration also included photographs and hugs, another opportunity for Kotowicz to further her bond with Edwards.

Photos by The Associated Press and Mollie J. Hoppes/Daily News-Sun

"“He made a great day for a little old lady in a wheelchair,” Kotowicz said. “I was ready to pass out. It was such an amazing thing to do and such a special honor.” Kotowicz jokes that her three grown children, all NASCAR fans, are fighting over who gets the trophy should she ever grow tired of it.

“Nobody’s getting their hands on it,” she said."

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