Give us a vision. We’ll fabricate your concept car with our all in-house capabilities. Whether you provide us with a napkin sketch, or an entire complex CAD assembly, we’ll make sure your prototype is executed perfectly for your needs. Our one-stop shop and supplementary model makers have multiple backgrounds not only

in Design, but also in every discipline needed for fabricating any and everything imaginable. Our precise combination of keen attention to detail and inventive fabrication techniques has proven profitable over the years. We’ll tailor our prototyping lab to accommodate your needs.


An effective prototype gets the point across, quickly. Breadboard models prove out engineering and CAD concepts promptly to ensure you’re headed in the right direction with designing innovative solutions. Learn More.


How big does this need to be? How small can it get? Volume studies figure these types of questions out. Typically these prototypes can be hand sculpted, or generated from one of our rapid prototyping machines on a 1:1 scale. Learn More.


We can make your renderings come to life.  We convert 2D sketches into 3D models with impeccable finishes. They look exactly like the real thing. We invest the time sculpting lines, sanding surfaces, and preparing parts for uniform paint applications. Learn More.


Our functional prototypes are the concept cars before they reach manufacturing. These models simulate the look and function of production parts before you invest in mass production tooling. They look good, and work, too! Learn More.

Soft Goods

We’re not your typical machine shop. We also make soft goods prototypes! We can cut, bend, perforate, hem, stitch and tailor anything relating to fabrics and textiles. Learn More.


Need some production-level parts in low quantities? Yeah, we do that.  Our in-house, short-run production parts work and look like the real thing. You won't be able to tell the difference! Learn More.


We utilize our in-house resources and state-of-the-art machinery to create and develop innovative products. Sometimes clients just want raw 3D printed parts for volume studies. More often than not, clients request full-blown prototypes that require the combined use of all of our capabilities. When fabricating dissimilar materials and techniques, tolerances and joining them can be quite tricky. Lucky for you, we have developed techniques over the years to efficiently figure out these combinations to create robust, cost effective prototypes. Learn More.


Our model shop quickly adapts and provides effective solutions to support throughout the entire product development process.  We identify the needs for each client on a project-by-project basis, and fabricate solutions that work. With such a diverse range in product categories, we have become familiar with all types of industries, and build products from the ground up, made from scratch.