A New Line in an Emerging Market

CLIENT: Lowe’s

INDUSTRY: Hardware

SERVICES:Strategy, Design

Gas was once the golden standard, but recent advances in battery technology have opened the door for a new generation of outdoor power equipment. This new generation is as capable as its gas counterpart, without all the hassle and mess.

Lowe’s saw an opportunity to enter this emerging market with their well-known, tough and reliable Kobalt line. Lowe’s asked Priority Designs to partner with them to envision and design this new line.

Mixing Technology with Tradition

Faced with the challenge of evolving the existing Kobalt brand language in a unique and relevant way, Priority Designs found inspiration in the heritage of the category.

Rather than choosing to design the new line as an extension of the battery powered tool category, the Priority Designs team chose to look for an element that would bridge the gap between technology and tradition.

The tank and frame metaphor emerged as a familiar carryover that instills confidence in the user and sets the Kobalt offering apart from its competitors. From initial battery configuration studies and creating a cohesive design vision, to CAD modeling and documentation,

Priority Designs teamed with Lowe’s to create the new Kobalt 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment line consisting of a string trimmer, a hedge trimmer, two mowers, a blower, a chainsaw, and a polesaw.

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