Identifying Market Opportunities & Building Winning Brands

Some companies come to us and they know exactly what they want their product or brand to be. Other times, companies want help defining what they should be making and how it should be positioned.

In these instances, we help them study customers, analyze markets and find new opportunities to differentiate themselves with relevant products and brand stories. Through design research, we uncover what motivates buyers at their deepest emotional level. As a result of that research, we are able to create brand stories that trigger emotional responses in customers.

We inspire. We empower. We educate and we entertain. We create aesthetics that cause buyers to say, “I need it!” Then, we follow through on the rationale by creating products, packaging, displays, and user experiences with performance, reliability, durability, quality and value… The stuff that makes buyers say, “I want another!”

Buyers react emotionally, then rationalize the purchase decision. If the rational experience delivers on the emotional promise, then the buyer will come back again and again.

Our Strategy & Brand Development services include:

  • Market gap analysis
  • Style mapping
  • Trend analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Brand & Product positioning
  • Visual Brand Languages
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Point-of-Purchase Display Design
  • Trade Shows and Exhibit Environments


A customer’s full experience with your brand is as important as the product or service itself. Our customer experience strategy can help align products with a target audience, remove friction to create a seamless experience, and infuse branded moments that surprise and delight.
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Service design helps plan and organize people, processes and systems that empower an organization to deliver intentional customer experiences. We help discover, ideate, test and align teams around how to deliver amazing service.
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To make the most impact, your brand’s visuals must be meaningful and applied consistently. We can help you craft a VBL for your brand’s story that does both.
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The most successful brands are built on strong foundational brand stories. We help craft unique brand stories that resonate at the deepest emotional levels of their customers.
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Great packaging can often be your number one sales person. We design packaging that catches the eye and gives people the confidence to buy.
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High impact brand experiences are another way strong brands communicate their story and build loyalty. We can help you create events, exhibits, and special promotions that get people excited about your brand.
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Why Choose Us? We Deliver Amazing Brands.

Brand development was traditionally within the role of the ad agency, but things are changing. Now, companies are turning to product development firms like ours for Brand Development. For decades, ad agencies created communications independent from the products or services being developed. Often, the promises overshot the realities of the user experience. Unlike the ad world where they may be limited to using words and images to create promises, we create tangible user experiences that deliver on the promises.

Many of our clients have told us that due to our expertise creating successful products and experiences, we are better equipped to help align their brand stories to the product promise. We are now defining brand stories and providing guidance to ad agencies.

Please contact us to hear how we can help your brand development efforts.

We can help you:

  • Align your marketing efforts to your products and/or services
  • Guide your marketing communications
  • Inspire passion in your core customers
  • Increase your brand’s value

We helped TaylorMade Golf re-brand themselves and go to the #1 selling spot in the market. We can help you build a winning brand story too.

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