Power on the Go

CLIENT: Generac

INDUSTRY: Home, Hardware, Consumer

SERVICES:  Design, Engineering, Prototyping

Some jobs are bigger than others, and when you’re doing serious work, you need serious power. For contractors, that means bringing power to the jobsite. For weekend warriors who need to do a little work out back, or keep the lights on during an outage, a portable generator is the only solution. No matter the situation, it means having the flexibility to provide power safely, anywhere, anytime. Generac needed to respond to a sudden market opportunity and leverage their experience as an industry leading provider of residential, commercial and industrial power solutions. They needed to move fast and selected Priority Designs to lead the charge.

Power in the Details

After reviewing the competitors and exploring user centric features, Priority Designs fabricated a structural and aesthetic prototype around Generac’s engine assembly. Generac conducted focus group research sessions with contractors and homeowners to help evaluate and suggest refinements to the design. As a result, bent tubes and cast corners were designed to secure and dampen vibration from the powerful engine and generator assembly. A formed steel housing helps to mitigate noise, which is an acute need in residential areas. The gas cap was positioned close to the edge for convenient filling. For safety, a formed channel in the tank directs any spilled gas away from the exhaust.

To improve handling and transfer, structural cross bars were positioned low on the frame and double as grab bars to make lifting easier. The handle bar pivot was engineered to be strong for maneuvering, but they quickly fold down for stowing. The easy push-button release is part of an engineered safety system. The handle bars are designed to break away under heavy loads, preventing unsafe use as a jobsite chair or ladder. The control panel’s recessed side location protects electrical components from damage during shipping, or while sliding around in the back of a truck. Elastomeric electrical covers allow access to one or two outlets while shielding plugs from the elements.

Power to the People

The aesthetics of the user-centered solution conveys an accessible, robust appearance, while evolving the visual language established with Priority Designs, in Generac’s successful home standby generator family. The result allowed big box retailers to confidently offer all users the flexibility to transport the power they need at a premium price point, and  additional means for Generac to strengthen the connection between their brand and consumers.

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