Our Knitting Machine Has Arrived!

September 29, 2015 akozlowski

Our Knitting Machine Has Arrived!

3D knitting is a new and exciting method of soft goods prototyping. Similar to 3D printing for various plastics, 3D knit product development uses layers of connecting loops of yarn to create a textile product by controlling the fabric geometry. The yarn loops around individual latch hook needles while new layers of yarn are added with each pass of the machine. This allows us to create an intricately detailed 3D shape within a design, providing isolated individual performance features through stitches and yarn that conventional knitting methods cannot provide.

Benefits of Digital Knitting

The product is designed to be knit to the exact shape and size you desire, which offers little to no wastage fabric when prototyping. This helps reduce prototyping and production costs.

Automated knitting does not have any human handling because of its digital format and each prototype will be exactly the same.

Cut and sewn products involve piecework and a lot of human handling to construct the product. This can increase the cost of production and create variation in each prototype.

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