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Golf has a rich history of famous courses, champions, and customs that are founded upon century old traditions. Golf equipment is no different, and Nike and Priority Designs sought to marry tradition with innovation with the release of the Method Modern Classics putter designs.

Redesigning A Classic

Inspired by some of the most popular putter models of the past four decades, Nike and Priority Designs collaborated to bring a modern aesthetic to classic putter design. A unique arc design profile creates a “high toe” appearance across the family, bringing a distinctive view from the face and at address. Machined stainless steel finishes communicate precision, and CNC tolerances provide manufacturing consistency that wasn’t available 40 years ago.

Finally, an iconic family brand language was established with clean surfacing, and automotive paint applications were applied to be viewable on camera during the PGA tour, without being distracting to the player at address.

Nike’s engineers perfected innovative technologies in putter design, including: the Polymetal Groove technology which promotes forward roll consistency, and the two weight ports that allow for customization. Matching the putter to a player’s stroke is critical, and the simple naming convention helps to identify the degree of toe hang with your putting arc: shallow arc = Method Mod 00 (0 toe hang), deeper arc = Method Mod 90 (90 toe hang) and so on. Combining these innovations with updates to historic body styles is what truly makes them modern classics.

Based on the classic bullseye putter, the Method Mod 90 is part of a putter design tradition that was originally introduced nearly 70 years ago. The heel and toe weights add stability, making the putter play about 10% larger than it appears.

The Method Mod 30 is reminiscent of Anser putters and is complimentary to Nike’s own Method 001 used on tour. The arc profile and square detailing update this historic, traditional body style.

The Method Mod 60 respects a number of classic midsize mallet designs of the past. The reviews of this putter rave about the solid feel produced by the balanced, heavy head and responsive feedback.

The Method Mod 00 mallet style pays homage to the zebra putter dating back to the 1970’s. The historic alignment grooves exist in a low cavity of the putter, adding to a stable, modern feel.

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