On Our Own

CLIENT: Priority Designs

INDUSTRY: Home, Electronics

SERVICES: Strategy, Design, Engineering, Prototyping

Every once in a while we decide to launch our own products to the market. In 2008 we partnered with an Asian manufacturer to bring a line of ‘smart’ kitchen products to life. Our goal was to develop a product that would simplify a task, withstand the environment, and be easy-to-clean & sanitize. While exploring opportunities, we exposed a redundancy between two common products: a digital scale and a measuring cup. Although both exist to specify amounts of an ingredient, they have always functioned as separate products. We thought this redundancy was an opportunity to create one product that could perform the functions of both, save time, preserve counter space, and provide a new unique experience.

Two Tools. One Product.

The SmartMeasure is the functional marriage between a digital scale and a measuring cup. Using Smartscale technology, an integrated load cell instantaneously converts weight into volume, accurately displaying the ingredient’s measurement in real time on an easy-to-read LCD display located in the handle.

Simple controls allow the user to navigate through numerous preset ingredients (water, milk, oil, sugar, flour) and convert between the most common units (mL, cups, fl. oz, lbs, grams). Smartmeasure also functions as a traditional digital scale for recipes with dry ingredients.

Commercial Success

Our technology was issued an utility patent and licensed to Taylor Precision Products for mass distribution. SmartMeasure has been featured on QVC, awarded with an IDEA Finalist recognition and has been commercially available in Target, Sur La Table, Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Amazon, Walmart, Williams & Sonoma, and more.

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