Bright Lights Save Lives

CLIENT: Akron Brass

INDUSTRY: Commercial

SERVICES: Design, Engineering, Prototyping

Akron Brass manufactures firefighting equipment that will not fail under pressure. The Akron Brass SCENESTAR LED is a high-power light used by emergency responders to illuminate their work area.

This light offers brighter light in a smaller, configurable and rugged package, surpassing industry standards for reliability and efficiency.


Performance is in the Details

The development of firefighting equipment requires intuitive design, robust engineering and uncompromising manufacturing. The subtle curves, fluid surfaces, integrated details and choice of materials visually express the state-of-the-art professional equipment aesthetics and results in a fresh and new product line for Akron Brass. Ergonomics & intuitive design of handles and switches accommodate a gloved hand and are located where users need them most. A multi-function elastomeric gasket seals the internals and provides a signature Akron Brass orange color pop. The rear high-impact cover protects the heat fins while providing surface geometry for on-product information and branding.

All components and parts were modeled in ProEngineer, evaluated in ANSYS, fabricated for assembly & tested for performance prior to manufacturing. Precise mechanical engineering was essential as many of the components required critical interaction with each other. The 48 LEDs are mounted directly to the rear die cast housing and the heat sink and housing are pressed together at a minimum tolerance needed to ensure optimal heat transfer. Finally, FEA analysis measured critical details in the piece-part engineering of the aluminum enclosures, handles, gaskets, swivel and other components.

A Light that Protects. A Light that Saves Lives.

Bright light use to mean high heat, but that’s not true anymore. The light output necessary to illuminate a burning structure is so intense that the light itself use to be a hazard. New LED technology offers a safer, more stable light with lower power consumption.

The Akron Brass SceneStar offers 48 ultrabright LEDs with an intensity of 20,000 Lumens! Solid-state electronics and precise use of materials enable the SceneStar to run brighter and longer, critical in protecting firefighters and saving lives.

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